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"As a practicing attorney and having taken and passed the Bar in another state, I don't know how I passed before without reading these books!"  – Joel Cruz, Esq.

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The Survival Series team:

Thank you all very much for your help with my study for the Bar. I certainly owe my passing score to Jeff Adachi for all his patience and assistance and to everyone else who put out the materials I spent so many hours reading.

I would like to offer you my opinion, and please feel free to reprint it if you wish, on the Bar Beaker Vol. I-II as well as the study guide with the essay outlines. Both were extremely helpful. Personally, I did spend too much time on the "inspirational" sections of the volumes, but concentrated on the essays and their answers. The answers were good because they gave me instant feedback on how my own answers compared. The annotations on how to use a modified IRAC method or a full IRAC method were helpful to give a broader view of what the essays could look like. The two volumes are an excellent practice tool.

The essay outlines were invaluable. At Mr. Adachi's behest, I memorized all the outlines and acronyms, and I know I would not have passed if I had not. The outlines give the essay writer a foolproof method for attacking each subject and assuring himself that he would hit each element of each issue. If you stick by the outline format, you would have to try to fail an essay in order not to pass. The outlines walk you through step by step in a straightforward and concise way.

I can not tell you how much I appreciate all that Mr. Adachi did for me. Both he and the books are indispensible resource. Should you need any more feedback in the future, please contact me. Thank you again.

Very Truly Yours,

Jeffrey Cleary

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Average Customer Review: *****

"Adachi's book is a must read for folks studying for the bar."

Adachi has written two excellent books, the Bar Exam Survival Kit and Bar Breaker. I strongly recommend both books... The material in the two books does not overlap very much, and both volumes are actually worth the money. If you are taking the California Bar Exam, you can buy the California Bar Exam Survival Kit, which appears to be virtually identical to the Bar Exam Survival Kit. Adachi reminds the student that discipline is essential, and starts getting the student mentally geared for the Bar Exam process. In addition, Adachi has a series of outlines of the subject matter that will be covered on the bar exam...

Dear Jeff,

I have been meaning to drop you a note for several months.

I wanted to thank you for your time and energy with the Essay Advantage course last summer. As you may know, I was successful on last summer's bar attempt. The July 1997 Bar Exam was my ninth consecutive attempt!

I took BARBRI on my first two attempts but I did not complete all of the assignments either time. This time I took Bar as well as your Essay Advantage course. I completed every assignment and attended every session of both courses. I wrote over seventy practice essays and did over 3000 multiple choice questions. Essentially I did everything you recommended on the first day of class.

I really believe that key to my success on the July 1997 bar exam was your subject-specific essay strategy. You taught us that each subject had a certain formula that could be used on just about any type of question related to that subject. I found that these formulas could be applied to each of the essay questions on the July 1997 exam. Certain devices, like the RECIPe for Hearsay, were almost perfectly matched to their related essay question.

I have included my results from the exams prior to July 1997. I sent these so you can see exactly how much scores can be increased. I believe that you are primarily responsible for my improved performance that led to passing the bar exam I can not thank you enough.

I will gladly provide a statement or reference about the benefits of the Essay Advantage/BARBRI programs if the need ever arises. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Thanks again for all of your hard work and patience.


Matt Herreid

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