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Adachi Bar Review

Bar Cards and Complete Bar Cards

When you're studying for the Bar, you don't need thousands of flashcards cluttered with insignificant details!

by Jeff Adachi, Esq.

  • Only the essential Black Lettter Rules of Law
  • Illustrated and color coded
  • Approximately 50 cards per subject
  • Memory mnemonics

Bar Cards

Bar Cards

•   Torts
•   Contracts
•   Real Property
•   Constitutional Law
•   Criminal Law
•   Criminal Procedure
•   Remedies
•   Evidence

Bar Cards

Complete Bar Cards

New Edition! Includes "Agency and Partnership"

•   Agency and Partnership
•   Civil Procedure
•   Community Property
•   Corporations
•   Professional Responsibility
•   Wills & Trusts
•   Torts
•   Contracts
•   Real Property
•   Constitutional Law
•   Criminal Law and Procedures
•   Remedies
•   Evidence

"Indispensable preparation for Bar doers!"
- Greg McCormick

"Absolutely indispensable for the memorization component of preparing for the Bar."
- Jane Hanawalt

"Bar Cards put the bar subjects together better than any other source and makes them manageable."
- Brad Taylor

"Far superior to other flashcards on the market."
- Carole Marasovic

"More effective than other flashcards because the Survival Series give you only what you need to know."
- Stanley Lee

"Bar Cards helped me digest the enormous amount of information involved in Bar preparation."
- D. Ichelson

"Comprehensive, complete, and fun to work with. Bar Cards gave me the confidence that I could tackle anything the Bar Examiners threw at me."
- Andy Bosque

"Bar Cards made the memorization process much easier and were a real time saver!"
- Sonia Agee

"The combination of succinct rules of law, mnemonics, pictures and color coding make it virtually impossible to not have a firm recall of the law by exam time."
- Rob Kramer

"The pictures on the flashcards were a great memory tool."
- Jane E. Fassett

"Excellent. I recommend it to all Bar candidates."
- David Royston

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