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How to Write Winning Exams
Adachi Bar Review

About Survival Series

What makes the Survival Series different from other outlines and books?

Commercial outlines, such as Gilbert's or Emmanuel's, provide you with a conceptual understanding of the law. In our experience, this isn't enough to guarantee your success when it comes to taking exams. We show you how to write winning exams and give you comprehensive and concise attack strategies for solving any law school or bar exam problem.

What will I learn in your books that I won't learn in law school?

Most professors prefer to teach the law and spend little time on exam writing techniques. We teach you how to take exams and solve complex legal problems using a systematic approach. We show you what to write when you put pen to paper.

Why do I need these books if I'm taking Bar review course?

The Survival Series provides the last step in Bar preparation by providing essential checklists needed to organize and memorize the law. After teaching for over two decades, author Jeff Adachi. developed these techniques to provide his students with an advantage over other exam takers. These groundbreaking techniques are not taught in traditional review courses.

How should I use your books and flashcards?

If you are thinking about law school or currently enrolled in your first year, use the Law School Survival Kit throughout the year to insure your success. Once you begin to prepare for the Bar Exam, use the Bar Exam Survival Kit, Bar Breaker and MBE Survival Kit. If you are taking a bar review course, use these books to supplement the course. And when it comes to memorization, our Complete Bar Cards are the only flashcards designed specifically for the Bar Exam.

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